Gemma Hayes — In-Store gig
I went to Camden Town where Gemma Hayes had an in-store gig at FOPP Records. There were only a few people there which made the performance very intimate. I had the chance to have a little chat with Gemma and asked her if there were any plans to tour in Germany. She said she’d love to, but nothing planned yet. She was pretty impressed when she heard that I came all the way from Berlin and signed me her current Single ‘Undercover’ with a special note. (I’m not a geek, just a huge fan… ) I asked her how she feels when so many people in the audience took pictures like during the concert last night and she said it was a bit uncomfortable, but she couldn’t stop people from doing it.

Update 2006-03-29:
Here are some pictures by a guy I met at the in-store gig.