Gemma Hayes at the Scala, London
So, here I am, finally, at the Scala in London, looking forward to see Gemma Hayes playing live. It was a brilliant show and her voice was really amazing, though I have to say, that the current band — compared to her last band during the debut tour in the US (saw her in Seattle, 2003) — wasn’t that exciting. I didn’t have the feeling that they worked as a band at all. The whole focus was on Gemma, which was alright, but I really enjoy it when I see a band having fun on stage. That wasn't the case here.
And I have to complain about all the people with their cameras in the audience! They were so annoying holding their cams up in the air in front of my eyes. They were shooting all the time. People, listen to the music! It's all about music, please!
But again, apart from that — I was enjoying a great performance by Gemma Hayes.

Update 2006-04-18: I’ve found two short movie clips from the concert online. Watch clip 1 and clip 2 (QuickTime).