Virtual Venture Competition launched
Virtual Venture Competion — a global business-building contest initiated by McKinsey & Company — launched today. This is a really huge worldwide Second Life project. I know who worked on it, but with respect to strict policies I am not allowed to tell you. But I know that most of the day in the last two months the designer shot pictures, designed the website, built 3D avatars and created icons and buttons. It must have been a really challenging job but a lot of fun at the same time. As far as I know, the responsible team at McKinsey was really great and very professional. I heard the designer giving special thanks to Dirk, Arne, Martin and Jan at McKinsey & Company. Now, go check the website and register for the competition. The deeper you get the more features of the website will be revealed… Spiegel Online is the exclusive media partner, so you will find updates there as well.