Nov 2006
Meeting my business partner from Seattle
Forrest Corbett — friend and business partner from Seattle came to Berlin for a short visit. He spent about two weeks with his wife Rebecca here in Berlin and a couple of days in Stockholm. We had a great time and we scheduled our jobs for the upcoming year. For more information about his company go to
Webcuts on Motor TV
Extracts of the official selection of Webcuts.06 are currently presented by Motor TV — Berlin-based nationwide music TV channel. The clips are broadcasted throughout the entire broadcast, so you will see the Webcuts movies every now and then. You can watch Motor TV here online or if you live in Berlin and Brandenburg you can watch it on TV via DVB-T.
“Arthur und die Minimoys” launched
Arthur und die Minimoys
I’m proud to announce the launch of the website for Arthur und die Minimoys — the new animation movie by Luc Besson. I designed the website for Tobis, the German distributor and it will feature more stuff until the start of the movie in January 2007. Many thanks to Petra and Magnus at Tobis!
Last weekend I was on the island Hiddensee — a beautiful, small island in the Baltic Sea where cars are not allowed. It’s the perfect place to relax and to get away from all the stress in a city like Berlin. I took some photos with my mobile phone SE K800i and I put them online here together with some small video clips which you can find here.
Logo for Taco Stop
Steven Pass in Washington, USA opened a new taco restaurant at their winter ressort. They needed a logo which I designed in collaboration with Forrest at GiraffeDesign, Seattle. It was really a fun job!
The Dears
The Dears played at the Mudd Club in Berlin last friday. They were a bit theatric but did a great show.