Okt 2006
Maier-TV launched
Today I launched the website for Christian Maier. He’s a journalist and has produced several reportages and documentations for TV stations like ARD, RTL, Sat1, Spiegel and many more. Go check his portfolio of movie clips online at www.maier-tv.de.
Coverage at freshmilk
Freshmilk exclusively reported on Webcuts.06 online. You can watch their coverage at freshmilk.de. I think they did an amazing job. Don't miss the interviews with Prof. Weinberg and this year's winners!
Die Welt shows Webcuts.06
I thought I could have a rest after Webcuts.06, but in fact, the press and the media are very interested in presenting Webcuts.06. We’re proud to announce that Die Welt features our festival on the homepage. Check it our here.
Speech by Andy Murdock at HFF Potsdam
Andy Murdock (San Francisco) — maker of Lots of Robots and winner of Webcuts 04+05 had a speech about his 3D animated feature movie project. He explained the technical methods and creative processes behind the creation of this solo project. It was a very interesting and inspiring afternoon at the HFF Potsdam. Many thanks to mental images, our main sponsor and Prof. Weinberg, who made this possible for Webcuts.06. You can find some pictures by Peter here.
And the winners are…
So, here are the winners of Webcuts.06.

Best Film + Audience Award:
Video3000, Germany

Best Animation:
Tyger, Brasil

Best Design:
Trusted Computing, Germany

Special Award:
Elephants Dream, Netherlands

Webcuts.06 — Success!
Webcuts.06 was crowned with success. The show was sold out, there were brilliant films and we had a party far into the night! Anina — founder of 360°Fashion presented the winner for the special award. She’s really a blogging-pro. Read the whole coverage at her blog here!
Interview for RTL II News
RTL II News interviewed me about Webcuts.06 this afternoon and they showed it on their prime time news tonight. You can watch the news as a podcast here (interview starts at 7:00).
Meeting Anina
Lovely blogging fashion model Anina from 360Fashion arrived from Paris tonight and I brought her to the hotel. She will award one of the prizes for Webcuts.06 tomorrow. And Andy Murdock, the winner of last year arrived from San Francisco! Things are getting exciting, now!
Interview for Freshmilk
The interview for Freshmilk is online. You can watch Eckhard Jäger and me explaining Webcuts.06. Click here.