Sep 2007
Webcuts.07 — jury meeting
The winners of this year’s Webcuts.07 were chosen by the jury last night. It took many hours until we finally decided on the best clip in each category. Yet, it’s still top secret who the winners are, as we will announce them next Thursday, October 11th at the Webcuts.07 Awards. Many thanks to the members of the jury (from left to right): Ludwig von Reiche / mental images, Prof. Susanne Mayer / HDM Stuttgart, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg / HFF Potsdam, Sven Assmann / interface!berlin, Katrin Holetzeck / Eastside Film and Andy Polaine (both absent).
Webcuts.07 — Nominees
The nominees for this year’s Webcuts Awards are set — but still a secret! The best 22 movie clips from around the world will be presented on October, 11 at the CineStar Original Berlin. Tonight the jury will meet to decide on who will be the winners for best design, best animation, best story and best film.
iPod touch arrived
Today my new iPod touch arrived! I couldn’t wait until the iPhone was available in Germany, so I pre-ordered the iPod touch a couple of weeks ago. It doesn’t have all the features of the iPhone (no phone obviously), but I mainly wanted the great touchable user interface. You have to check for your-self, if you haven’t tried an iPhone or iPod touch yet! Connecting to my Wifi internet was as easy as expected. YouTube videos work great! Oh, happy day!
Fantoche 07 Film Festival
The team of Fantoche 07 — International Animation Film Festival in Baden/Switzerland invited me to visit the festival. I was the curator for a small section Flash & Co which enables visitors to explore the diverse world of digital animation. The selected movies are from past Webcuts screenings — the Internet Film Fest in Berlin I help organizing. Thanks a lot to Duscha Kistler and Nicole Göbel for inviting me and letting me participate! The festival was a great inspiration and I met a lot of very talented and interesting filmmakers and sound designers like Max Bauer. He is one of around 20 Foley artists (sound makers) in German-speaking countries. He works as a Foley artist for film and television productions and he creates live sound effects for theatre productions. Together, we plan a special event in Berlin, but the details are still secret. I shot a couple of pictures and movies with my mobile which you can find here.