Aug 2007
Nabaztag is alive!
Finally after some trouble connecting to my new Nabaztag with my iBook, I used my Playstation Portable to built up a connection. The Nabaztag doesn’t have an Ethernet port, so you have to set it up for the first time with and Ad-hoc wireless network. Once connected to your WLAN the Nabaztag can connect to all sorts of services like weather forecast, news, email accounts and many more. It has built-in speakers and a microphone, so it can read text and news (e.g. BBC News) in English, French and German. I’ve just started finding out all of the features but it’s fun! If you want to learn more about it got to the official Nabaztag website.
Visit to Marburg
Last week-end I went to a birthday party in Frohnhausen near Marburg. The party was on the country-side but on Sunday a did a quick visit to Marburg. It’s gorgeous! Watch the pictures in my small gallery here and you will see how beautiful all the renovated small houses look like!
Webcuts.07 – call for submissions
Webcuts.07 is near! Tell everybody! We call for submissions! And there are great prizes again this year — worth a couple of thousand euros! Just go to and submit your movie! deadline for entries is September 15th, 2007.
Die letzte Legion — flash banners
The Last Legion will start on August, 30 in Germany. I designed a couple of flash ad banners for Tobis and the banners will start today on German websites like moviemaze.
Open Air Gallery
On Sunday I crushed into the annual Open Art Gallery at the Oberbaumbrücke. There were a couple of very good artists and a wallpaper in the middle of the entire bridge where you were invited to paint. I bought five very cool art prints by Dutch artist Johan Potma and Mateo from California.
English on-site Mac support
I just woke up with this idea this morning and I couldn’t help myself. I built this website in one go today. I provide on-site Apple support for several companies in Berlin. I noticed that there are no Mac support services for English people I knew of, but there are a lot of people who live in Berlin who don’t understand German at all. So, check out the website and if one of your english friends needs help, send for the Mac Doctor!