Apr 2006
Bertolt Brecht house in Buckow
On Holy Saturday I spent a wonderful sunny day with my girl and a friend in Buckow (Google Earth Placemark) which is about 50 km east of Berlin. Located at two beautiful lakes, Buckow was the summer residence of Bertolt Brecht and his wife Helene Weigel. We had the opportunity to visit the small exhibition which was installed in the house near the lake. If you’re around that area it’s also worth a walk around the lake.
EnviroShield — new web design
Today I designed a new web interface for EnviroShield, Washington, USA. Giraffe Design gave me the first approach and I designed the final version — clearly laid out and with some rougher brush strokes to freshen the overall impression. So, EnviroShield are very happy with their new web design.
1st Škoda Talent Design Award
My good friend and business partner, Michael Schmidt, won the 1st Škoda Talent Design Award. He designed a catalog for a fictitious art exhibition. The new Škoda car models are interpreted by the style of famous contemporary artists. You can read more here (German) and you can download the full catalog here (PDF – 2.6 MB).
The Knife
The Knife played their only Germany gig at the Maria in Berlin last night. It was one of the most crowded shows I’ve seen at the Maria in years. And it was one of the most boring ones, as well. The songs were great, but I think 90 percent of the music and vocals were playback and the songs sounded exactly like on the album. My friends — and I think most of the audience — agreed with me. The only interesting thing was the light show and the videos that were projected onto a semi-transparent black curtain in front The Knife.