Mrz 2006
Art Of Fighting
I watched Art of Fighting last night at the Bastard. It was a nice concert and I enjoyed one or two songs a lot. Altough there were only a few people in the audience, the atmosphere wasn’t very intimate.
DVD authoring for short film
I finished the DVD menu design and authoring for a new short film “Die Besucher” (The Visitors) by Ulrike Molsen, today. The interesting part is that the main dvd menu is not only a motion background but a short prequel to the actual film. The premiere of this critically acclaimed short film will be at the end of April. (Package and cover design by Steffen Zimmermann.)
18th summit
The Berlin Brandenburg had their 18th media summit at the Café Moskau last night. It was hosted by Jörg Thadeusz who discussed the question “In Love with Berlin?” with the artist Brigitte Maria Mayer ( “Echolot” ), comedian Thomas Hermanns, photographer Jim Rakete, director Tom Tykwer ( “Lola Runs”, “Das Parfüm” ), actress Katharina Wackernagel ( “Die Boxerin” ) and director Hans Weingärtner (“Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei” ). It was very entertaining but not very mattering. However, “networking” at the after show party was fun and it was nice to meet people and friends.
You can watch a small movie clip here.
Bauhaus exhibition at the Tate, London
Never miss the Tate if you’re in London! I didn’t have much time, so I only visited the Tate Modern section and the exhibition Albers and Moholy-Nagy: From the Bauhaus to the New World which was brilliant. I wished some of my students could see it, as part of the design basics I teach are still originated in the Bauhaus approach and I thought it was very inspiring, as well.
Juliana Hatfield at Bush Hall, London
After eight years of being a fan of Juliana Hatfield I finally had the chance to see her live! She did a solo show and played a repertoire of her songs (only a few from her current album ‘China’ ). It was very intense and she’s an amazing singer.

Update 2006-03-29:
I met a guy at the Gemma Hayes in-store gig who went to the Juliana Hatfield gig, as well, and here are his pictures.
Gemma Hayes — In-Store gig
I went to Camden Town where Gemma Hayes had an in-store gig at FOPP Records. There were only a few people there which made the performance very intimate. I had the chance to have a little chat with Gemma and asked her if there were any plans to tour in Germany. She said she’d love to, but nothing planned yet. She was pretty impressed when she heard that I came all the way from Berlin and signed me her current Single ‘Undercover’ with a special note. (I’m not a geek, just a huge fan… ) I asked her how she feels when so many people in the audience took pictures like during the concert last night and she said it was a bit uncomfortable, but she couldn’t stop people from doing it.

Update 2006-03-29:
Here are some pictures by a guy I met at the in-store gig.
Design Museum London
Just some impressions on the Design Museum, London.
Gemma Hayes at the Scala, London
So, here I am, finally, at the Scala in London, looking forward to see Gemma Hayes playing live. It was a brilliant show and her voice was really amazing, though I have to say, that the current band — compared to her last band during the debut tour in the US (saw her in Seattle, 2003) — wasn’t that exciting. I didn’t have the feeling that they worked as a band at all. The whole focus was on Gemma, which was alright, but I really enjoy it when I see a band having fun on stage. That wasn't the case here.
And I have to complain about all the people with their cameras in the audience! They were so annoying holding their cams up in the air in front of my eyes. They were shooting all the time. People, listen to the music! It's all about music, please!
But again, apart from that — I was enjoying a great performance by Gemma Hayes.

Update 2006-04-18: I’ve found two short movie clips from the concert online. Watch clip 1 and clip 2 (QuickTime).
London’s Calling
So, I’ve just arrived in London for the Gemma Hayes concert tonight expecting some nice days here. I'm meeting Claudia, a friend of mine at frieze — a magazine for contemporary art and culture.
Andreas Sauer Exhibition
pic - 2
Yesterday, I happened to hit on an exhibition by Andreas Sauer at Schiele & Schön Publishing. I was very fascinated by the colorful style and impression of his work, so I took some pictures with my cell phone (not literally) which you can find in my gallery.
Go and check more of Andreas Sauer’s great work on his website.
Annamateur and her Guitarits
Sunday night I saw Annamateur and her Guitarists performing in the Café Zapata in Berlin-Mitte. She originally comes from Dresden where she’s pretty popular. A friend of hers — Ines Rosenholm — highly recommended Annamateur as a fantastic singer / entertainer with a slightly foul-mouthed and vulgar attitude — and yes, Ines was right!
Video editing for dance project
Maya Lipsker — a choreographer, producer, teacher and dancer at the dance studio / theater DOCK 11 — will premiere her new production Face to Face on March 16th here in Berlin. For the first time she will use video projections on stage. I edited some video clips and applied a slow motion effect. You can see the performance on March 16–19 and 23–26 at the DOCK 11.