Sep 2006
Webcuts — jury meeting
The winners of this year’s Webcuts.06 are determined by the jury. It was a 5-hours-process and we had a hard to time to find the best clips in the categories. Yet, it’s still top secret who the winners are, as we will announce them next Thursday, October 12th. Many thanks to the members of the jury (from left to right): Ludwig von Reiche / mental images, Prof. Eku Wand / HBK Braunschweig, Prof. Susanne Mayer / HDM Stuttgart, Sven Assmann / interface!berlin, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg / HFF Potsdam, Gerrit Wahle / UFA and Ilona Koglin / Page (absent).

Theater tusdoch — trailer
Theater tusdoch — an independent Theater in Berlin needed some quick help for their website. They wanted to publish their trailer video of the current play online, so I gave them a helping hand, converted the clips and put them on their website.
interface!berlin meets Wirtschaftskreis Mitte
On Tuesday evening we invited the members of the Wirtschaftskreis Mitte to present them our organisation interface!berlin. Dirk Lambrecht, business councilman in Berlin-Mitte was so kind to give us the opportunity to speak about broadband internet and its new possibiities. We had several speakers: Lutz Treutler, CBXNET (Broadband Internet); Eckhard M. Jäger, area42 (Typo3); Alexander Krause, berlin-bits (Web Accessibility) and Hr. Nielsen, SWYX (CBXNET Phone — Digital and Analog Nets).
Together with M. Scheuer of audioberlin I explained the audience what Podcasting is, showed them some of the Podcasts we produced and how it can be used for your company.
You can find photos from the event here.
Film shooting for Cornelsen Verlag
Teaming up with Matthias from audioberlin and Peter we were shooting a couple of scenes today for the Cornelsen Verlag — one of the leading publishers for educational media in Germany. We shot in a classroom at the Peter-Ustinov-Schule with Julius, a 6 year old, smart boy who did a great job. The films will be used as introduction movies for education software that will help children learn how to use dictionaries and find words more easily. Many thanks to Elisabeth Wagner at Cornelsen for her help in directing the films.
Launch of Podcast by CDU/CSU faction
In collaboration with audioberlin, we released the first Podcast of the CDU/CSU Fraktion. The Podcast will be produced every week and you can listen to it here or at iTunes.
The table of free voices
Today 112 internationally renowned thinkers and activists took their place around the biggest table ever constructed and answered 100 of the most pressing questions facing humanity. I went to the Bebelplatz square — located along one of Berlin’s central avenues, Unter den Linden to see the public event. You could hear the questions asked by Willem Dafoe and Hafsat Abiola, but unfortunately you couldn’t hear the answers of the participants as they all replied at the same time. However, they recorded the answers with video cameras individually installed in front of each speaker — imagine a round table with 112 microphones and cameras!
The project which was broadcasted live on the internet as well, was initiated by dropping knowledge — a German NGO which acts globally. It’s interesting how I heard of it. First, I read a news at the website of Pearl Jam who are known for their environmentally consciousness. Then I found out that the German foreign minister Dr. Steinmeier is the patron of the table of free voices. Last Monday I read an article at — one of my daily RSS feeds — which described that they installed more than 112 Macs for this open source project and finally I found it this morning at Tagesspiegel Online. You can watch a small clip I recorded this afternoon here.
Webcuts — print ad
This year’s Webcuts.06 is getting closer. So, here’s the first ad I designed which will be published in videofilmen, a magazine for video film makers.
Website for physiotherapy clinic launched
A very good clinic for physiotherapy and other body therapies is Physiotherapie Pia Weber in Berlin-Mitte. I’m occasionally working on the redesign of the logo and the website for Pia Weber. Today, I’m happy to announce the launch of the first website for the clinic. It’s supposed to look both professional in terms of therapy, emotive and friendly. Check the website at
L4 — design basics
On Monday two new classes for media designers (video + sound) started at L4. And as always the students will learn the basics in design and communications. However, each class is different and I’m looking forward to see the results of their works.
Portfolio for actress Johanna Geißler
I’m proud to announce that I designed the new print portfolio for Johanna Geißler — a very talented young actress from Berlin. She was awarded “Best Actress” in “Die Besucher” (The visitors) at the Winnipeg Film Festival and at the International Fimfestival in Sandpoint, Idaho! Check out her website (in progress).
Webcuts — Podcast #1
Webcuts06Title iPod
I totally forgot to post this news on my own blog: The first Webcuts podcast is online for you to watch and download. You can find the “Podcuts” at
interface!brunch at CBXNET
Today we had one of our interface!brunches, again. This time an association member CBXNET arranged a speech by Michael Treutler (Dr. rer. pol.) about the basic principles of the media-economic person. Quite an abstract and academic topic which Michael Treutler describes in his book “Die Ordnung der Sinne” (The order of the senses). However, we had a lively discussion about the US market compared to the European market during the brunch. Did you know that audible uses a rather bad audio quality in the US for their files and that German clients don’t accept that low quality because they’re used to higher CD quality audiobooks?