Jun 2007
Fashion and art collection opening
Last night I just crushed into an opening at La Robe — a designer’s store next to a party of a friend of mine. Have a look at the current collection here.
Anina live mobile video streaming
Now, check this out: Anina recorded the speeches at the NMI with her mobile phone. She directly streamed the video to her website where you could watch the conference live! I recorded the process with my phone sitting next to Prof. Rebensburg who showed that you could watch the video stream on the internet.
Anina at NMI 2007
I joined Anina for her keynote at the NMI 2007 on Thursday. She gave a brilliant and passionate speech which impressed the audience. Anina just came from Shanghai to Berlin for this conference and already left again today to fly back to China, unfortunately. There were a lot of very interesting speeches at the NMI: Prof. Sauter (IRT, Munich) talked about HDTV standards which opened everyone's eyes about some of the myths of HDTV, Dr. Richarts (Vodafone R&D) talked about their mobile arts projects, Dr. Schisler from L4 (where I teach) talked about Life4-U — the first TV magazine in Second Life — and many more. After the speeches Julean A. Simon played a so-called midi-wind-controller solo (sort of midi saxophone) on the roofs of the BBAW (Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften). Find more at the Anina’s blog and watch a small clip here.
70 years Stevens Pass seal
Stevens Pass celebrate their 70th anniversary this year. So, they came up with the idea to have a 70 years seal to promote their special offers. The seal combines a fresh, glossy and modern look with a traditional North-Western style. The typography is both authentic and contemporary.
LimeLight PR website online
Last weekend Peter and I launched the website for LimeLight PR — a public relations agency in Berlin. The backend is based on Wordpress whereas the design is completely customized, of course.
Saxon Switzerland
Once again I spent a couple of days in the Saxon Switzerland — always worth a trip for the beautiful mountains and the country side.
Met in Berlin
Today, I went to the Nationalgalerie in Berlin to see the current exhibition of the most beautiful 19th-century French masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. I had so-called VIP tickets which basically meant they were more expensive, we had a group guide and I didn’t have to wait in the line. I’m pretty sure the regular audio guides are very good, too and as far as I know the line isn’t too long. Furthermore they had “Live!Speakers”, i.e. art history students you can ask about each individual picture. That was really great, as you could virtually discuss and interpret the pictures with the knowledge of the Live!Speakers.