Jul 2007
tb vent — website launched
Today, we launched the website for tb vent — a company for television, broadcasting and events like Simpsons – The Movie, Pixar’s Ratatouille or Deutschland ein Sommermärchen. The concept, design and development were a collaboration with Peter Ruschel.
workXL AG — product leaflets
Along with the new company profile brochure of workXL, we designed four new product information leaflets. They all come on semi-glossy heavy paper and customized 3D graphics.
You can have a look at the PDFs here:
Deutscher Auftragsdienst – DTAD
European Tender Information – ETIS
Tender Information Module – TIM
Public Procurement Market Research
Open doors at University of the Arts Berlin
From 20 to 22 July the different houses of the University of the Arts Berlin were accessible to the public. Sonya and Tarik presented some of their work. The above image is from Tarik’s installation autofokus. You can find more about the installation on his website and you can watch a video here.
Club with rooftop terrace
If you’re in Berlin you might know the weekend club. This Tuesday was just the perfect weather for a cool beer after work on top of Berlin.
workXL — company profile brochure
This is the new image brochure Peter and I designed for the workXL AG. We redesigned their corporate image and added new 3D graphics that explain the benefits of their business. Have a look at the web optimized PDF here. More products coming up. Many thanks to Lars and Höddi at workXL!
Intro for Sat.1 “Uschis Hobbyzoo”
This was really a fun job! Christian Maier produces episodes of Uschis Hobbyzoo for Sat.1. He asked me if I could do a short animated title intro that looked like handwritten. You can watch the movies here at Sat.1.
Award for “Best Overall Marketing Program”
Giraffe Design is proud to announce that our client Stevens Pass has won the award for Best Overall Marketing Program by the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA). We are happy to continue last year’s award for Best Program to Increase Trial By New Participants. We would like to thank the NSAA and everyone at Stevens Pass!

Most common mistakes all Germans make
Last night interface!berlin presented an English language workshop by Susanne Killian. Susanne Killian is an experienced interpreter at conferences like the recent G8 summit in Germany. She explained the difference between the German and English language in matters of courtesy and business conversations. Although the Germans don’t mean to be impolite they often make the same mistakes which sound a bit to uncourtly for native English-men. So, the participants learned a couple of tips how to avoid situations like this.
Website optimized for iPhone
I resisted the iPhone hype so far and I didn’t post any news about it, although I followed the media since its announcement months ago. It is a great device! So, if there is anyone out there with an iPhone you should be able to read my blog within the screen width. No zooming in or out necessarily. This blog is optimized for iPhones (and for Playstation Portables as well).

Update 2007-07-11:
Last night I had the chance to actually hold the iPhone in my hands. The guys at the HSD/Gravis store let me test it. It’s really amazing! It’s better than I expected. The finger gesture interface is so intuitive and great fun! And in fact, I checked if my web site worked on an iPhone — well, it did!