Jul 2006
Website launched for the band Fotos
Today I launched the website for the band Fotos. They’re getting pretty popular right now, so their site had to be built very fast. However, I designed a rather classy and unpretentious style. Have a look: www.fotosmusik.de.
Volver — premiere with Penélope Cruz
Charlotte of Tobis and Peter were so kind to invite me to the Germany premiere of Pedro Almodóvar’s new movie Volver starring Penélope Cruz. The screening was at the Kino Kulturbrauerei just around the corner where I live. And the aftershow party in the yard was so much fun! Here’s a clip of Penélope Cruz (unfortunately way too small).
Berlin University of the Arts — open doors
This weekend I visited the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) to see some of the students’ and a friend’s work — some really interesting and inspiring ideas. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to talk to the students, but I recorded a couple of movies which you can see here. Sascha at we-make-money-not-art wrote a good article about the digital class of Prof. Sauter.
Berlin Cathedral
Escaping the hot weather of 100° F, I went to see the Berlin Cathedral with my parents who are here on holiday. It’s always an impressive visit to see the grandiosity of the architecture and the sculptures. Video here.
I had a meeting at the Jakob-Kaiser-Haus in the Parliament Quarter in Berlin. The building has an amazing number of paintings and installations. One is a set of hundreds of boxes on which the names of all members of the parliament are labeled. See a video here.
Webcuts.06 Teaser
Promoting Webcuts.06 – the Internet Film Fest I released this year’s teaser trailer for the event. Meanwhile, I'm working on a new main trailer.
1 million fans in Berlin
On Sunday I was at Germany’s largest fan mile. Approximately 1 million fans were celebrating the German World Cup team in Berlin. It was a very emotional event and the German team wanted to thank the fans for their amazing support — making the World Cup the best of all time.
I must say it was a great feeling to support the German team in last 5 weeks and seeing them on stage at the Brandburg Gate and the whole euphoria I will never forget (small clip here).
Pixar’s Cars — interview walls
Yesterday, I produced a couple of walls for the current Pixar animation movie Cars which will be used for a press junket. The walls will be behind the actors who give interviews for TV stations. The previews were designed by my old friend and colleague Peter.
Webcuts.06 blog online
Pasted Graphic
Today our blog for Webcuts.06 – the Internet Film Fest has been launched. We will keep you in touch with all the latest in the progress of the festival. And we soon will have a video podcast which will feature the best artists and movies of previous Webcuts festivals. Unfortunately our new member of the organization team Mara is missing on the current photo (we’re going to fix that).
World Cup — day off at lake
After the glorious victory of the German World Cup team I took a day off at the Schlachtensee. You can see the crystal clear water of the lake in this video.
German flag — analyzed
Inspired by the great artwork by Brazilian designer Icaro Doria for the magazine Grande Reportagem in Lisbon, Portugal, I designed a German flag really quick this afternoon. I found the flags at anina.net. With all my respect for the original idea by Icaro Doria, I don’t mean to harm any copyrights, I just couldn’t help myself.