Aug 2006
L4 — intermediate exam for media designers
One of the classes for media design at L4 had an intermediate examination last friday. In about 4 hours the students should retouch a photo with cherries and design a flyer or a small website for a fruit farmer — not too easy if you want to make it properly in only 4 hours! Anyway, I had to grade their concepts, ideas and designs and I had to check the technical requirements of their works. After all, a good testing for their final exam next year.
Website relaunch for Kirsch
In collaboration with mikemo design, I relaunched the website for Kirsch – one of the leading manufacturers for power generators in Europe. Kirsch builds small portable aggregates, large emergency power systems for hospitals or stadiums and generating sets for special applications. It was a very challenging project in terms of a user-friendly, yet modern design and in ways of delivering a content management system that was both powerful and easy to handle for editors. Credits go to area42 who helped us with the initial installation of TYPO3 and gave us technical support. Special thanks to Olaf Hirschmann at Kirsch, who was in charge as a project manager and system administrator, and to the entire management team.
Design basics for event managers
Picture 2
This morning, I started a new class at L4. The students will learn the basics in Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and FreeHand over the next three weeks. There is not enough time to make them experts but as event managers they get an insight of the applications and the process of designing communication media.
Paparazzi photos for “tip”
An acquaintance of mine Christian Lesemann did a shooting for the cover story of the current issue of tip – one of the leading city magazines in Berlin. He shot the mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit in a paparazzi style. If you’re in Berlin, go and get a copy.
WEB2DNA art project
Similar to the Webpage Visualizer the WEB2DNA project analyzes a webpage and “crunches it to little bits and spits it out as a graphic representation of a human DNA”. The brighter your DNA appears the semantically richer is your page.