Nov 2005
SPOTS Installation – City Gaze
Pasted Graphic
‘City Gaze’ (Die Stadt hat Augen) is an exhibition that pursues a unique concept. An office building on Potsdamer Platz is being transformed into a seeing object. From 24 November to 28 February 2006, SPOTS, a light and media installation that has been integrated into the building’s facade, will be presenting new works by internationally renowned artists that have been created especially for this location and this medium. The show will launch with a work from Berlin-based artists and architects realities:united – who also have overall responsibility for the development of the light and media facade – in collaboration with the artist John deKron.
A friend of mine – Steffen Zimmermann – shot a movie at the opening. You can find the movie here (QT required).
This installation is just amazing and go see it if you're around Berlin!
iBook with transparent display
Today I replaced my original iBook display with a transparent one. It’s a bit hard to see because of my iSight camera, but I think you get the idea. It's got a light grey shine which makes it easier to see the icons on the desktop.
Watch the movie here or click on the image (QuickTime required).
Glasses track eye movement, ad exposure
Here’s a pretty interesting article about a pair of spectacles some guys from The Guardian used to film everything they see during a typical day. The result: 130 different advertising “elements” showing more than 80 brands. But the test person could only remember about 1 % of all ads.
DE:BUG 12-05 – Web 2.0 Special
In der aktuellen Ausgabe der de:bug ist ein 10-seitiges Special über das Phänomen „Web 2.0“. Endlich wieder eine Ausgabe des Magazins wie ich sie auf früheren Tagen kannte – für Geeks und Dummys gleichermaßen interessant.

„Web 2.0 ist keine Technologie, sondern ein Konzept. Das wird of verwechselt. Es gibt zwar Core-Technologien und gemeinsame Nenner, aber letztendlich ist Web 2.0 so etwas wie eine große Koalition, erkennbar vor allem daran, dass jeder plötzlich mit jedem kann.“ [debug #98]

Die Inhalte:
- Web 2.0 Grundlagen // Was alles und wieso
- 2.0 für Dummies // Ich und das Web 2.0
- Office 20. // Runter von der Festplatte
- Design 2.0 // Alles so schön pastell hier
- Flock // Der Browser wird social
- Flock Interview // Warum Silicon Valley?
- Folksonomy // Rings um Tag
- Web 2.0 Linkliste // Zu viele neue Seiten
- …
Erhältlich demnächst am Kiosk.
Krieg der Sterne
Ha! I’ve just found an old comic book of Star Wars Episode IV. It still has the orginal title in german that says “Krieg der Sterne”. The imprint says it’s from 1978! It’s just book 1 of a series and ends when Luke, Han and Chewy rescue Leia from the Death Star. The last phrase of the comic book: “DREIPEO! WO BIST DU?” (3PO! Where are you?).
Frakatale Exhibition
I’ve been to the “Frakatale IV Exhibition” at the “Palast der Republik”. It’s titled “death” but it’s definitely worth a visit! And everyone who hasn’t had the chance to see the “Palace” from the inside yet – tomorrow is the last chance, because the building will be knocked down in about 40 days!
That’s why there was a demonstration in front of the building todoay – hard to say, but I think there were a couple hundred people demonstrating.

More info you can find here and here
Website’s Up
Hello everybody! My Website is up – at last!
I’ve been working on so many different ideas for my website during the last year, but I’ve never had the time to finally realize them…
So, now here’s a very reduced version of the web site. Still, I hope to post some interesting stuff for you and maybe you'll find my web site mutating in the next couple weeks or months.